Engine Noise

I live in Austin, TX; I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra V8 - 2 wheel drive. I have 121,000 miles runs great, uses no oil at all. However, on cold mornings when I start it, there is knocking in the engine for two or three minutes. Is it serious? Is it a weak oil pump? Rod bushings? I had an '01 Tundra with 165,000 miles that never knocked. Please advice. Thank you.

U r using proper viscosity oil? Could be cold carbon knock? Ever try upper cylinder cleaning?

could be a noisey lifter my 2000 300M does the same thing and has about 140k on the clock and it has a lifter tap in her and its woarse when cold out like this time of year in south jersey. try a bottle of Rislone or Marvel mystery oil .

I agree with the likelihood of a sticky lifter. There are bottles of additive designed to clean up sludge and gump at all parts stores. I’d try that for starters. Or have a shop replace the lifter. Allowing it to continue will hammer the hardened cam lobe surface to oblivion.

The Chrysler motor and Toyota v8 are both OHC motors. I agree both motors could have bad lifters but it’s a pretty broad comment to say its a lock. Is the cam follower design the same on both motors? Some use lash caps and direct acting cam lobes while some motors use fingers/ arms to operate valves. They may share a few designs but also maybe very different.

Excellent point Stoveguy.
I find myself humbled. A tip of the hat to you.

Top end noise?
Bottom end noise?
High pitched noise?
Low pitched noise?

Y’know, an oil pressure check might just be revealing.

Start with oil pressure test when cold. Leaky hydraulic lifters do not hammer the cam, they tap late. The tap is just the same force opening the valve as normal, just the lifter is not resting on the cam until the lifter is full of oil. Heat expands the metal, tightening the leak so the lifter comes up to pressure. Any oil thinning treatment will cause better cold performance, but does not fix the wear and tear.

One or two words of caution about the suggestion of using rislone or other additives to clean up the gunk in your motor from personal experience. Back in my younger days I used some rislone in a 1977 ford f-150 to clean up some sticking valves, worked great cleaned it right up,but if you have alot of gunk in your engine guess where it will eventually end up. Mine ended up clogging up my oil pump pick up and eventually cost me the price of a rebuild. Just sayin

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