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Engine noise problem... can anybody help?

I have a 93 villager and lately its engine has been making some weird noise, kinda like humming/grunting, especially during turning, acceleration, deceleration, and sometimes when its idle; when cruising, i don’t really hear it. also, it seems to happen more often at low revs. does anybody think they can help me find out what is wrong and help me fix it??


There are so many possibilities–complicated by the fact that none of us can hear the noise–that I think you need to take the van to a competent mechanic.

Do NOT take it to Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, or any other chain operation.
Find an independent mechanic in your area who has a good reputation, and let him diagnose the problem.

the problem is i just spent a bunch of money getting the brakes fixed, and I really don’t want to deal with a mechanic again… the car really isn’t worth that much, and i don’t want to waste money on it when i just need it for 4-5 more months. i personally think its due to low power steering fluid, but most of you guys probably know better than i do. any thoughts?

Well did you check the level of said power steering fluid?

Please check the PS fluid and if it is low, refill with the correct spec fluid.
Then see if the noise goes away.

Of course, you did say that the noise is coming from the engine.
Perhaps you meant to tell us that the noise is coming from the engine compartment.

ya ya my bad. i dont actually know if its from the engine, its from the compartment. and i already know the fluid level is low, so im going to get that fixed this weekend.

If the PS pump is damaged, it will continue making the noise despite having the fluid level topped off.

This vintage Ford PS pump appears to have characteristic noise as it ages. Or rather is not an uncommon occurrence.

I’d tell you to do an Auto-Rx treatment and change out the fluid (not hard to do, really), but you only want to get a few more months out of it.