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Engine noise in cabin

I had to have engine replaced in my 2007 Camry. Since then every time I accelerate beyond 4,000 rpms it drowns the cabin in very loud engine noise. This was done by local guy. I took to Toyota dealer who said it was the engine mounts and replaced them. No change. What could be the cause of very loud engine noise upon acceleration? It is only in the cabin. Someone driving along the car does not hear excessive noise. So it does not appear to be muffler or such. Any ideas??

Sounds like a classic case of the exhaust system transfering noise/vibration into the body,as in the exhaust is touching the body,not isolated by rubber hangers.

Even though it is not the subject of your question, I am curious about why the engine was replaced, and why this was done by a “local guy” rather than the dealership.

Is it possible that you had so many miles in two years that the Powertrain Warranty had expired? If so, that is a lot of driving in two years!