Engine light on intermitently



I have '93 VW Golf with an engine light that goes on and off. I find that it runs slightly rougher when the light is on, but it hasn’t really gotten any worse, and this has been going on for more than a year. Nobody seems to be able to figure it out, because the car is too old for most garage’s diagnostic systems. Any suggestions as to how I can get this taken care of? Car only has about 70,ooo miles on it.


Have you tried adding some fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank? I have found in my 2000 Golf (2.2 L gasoline engine) that this will clear up codes indicating engine miss problems.


Already tried that. Didn’t work. But thanks for suggestion.


Is that the check engine light, or another light which comes on? How long does it stay on? If it stays on long enough, the associated trouble code could be taken using a couple of methods. One method, which some cars have available, is to place a jumper wire in a certain electrical connector and reading the flash code of the check engine light. Another method, is with a VW Code Scan tool. You might find such a scan tool, for your 1993 VW, on ebay, or buy one at an auto parts store.