Engine Light on 1999 BMW Z3


Hello – the code P1188 and P1189 appeared on the diagnostic device - the car has 110K miles and knock on wood - runs just fine. Any suggestions so repair economically ?

The DTC codes P1188, and P1189, have to do with Air and Fuel Metering. This person found a solution for himself: http://forums.roadfly.com/forums/bmw/bmw-3-series-e46/8877692-2.html
For him, it proved to be a defective MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor; but, don’t let one example (or, testimonial) be your only reason for changing a part, especially since it’s a fairly expensive part. Voltage outputs aren’t that difficult to do on the MAF with engine running at different rpms. Resistance (ohms) tests can also be done on the MAF and its circuitry, with the engine off.