Engine light came on after gages fuse burned and after replaced fuse

i went to fill gas i over filled a bit, then when i came in to the car i noticed the windows wont come down and all the front gages like speed fuel heat and so on stoped working, i replaced the fuse that burned but now i get check engine light on.

i got toyota camery 96

any one knows what could be the problem???

The problem is that there is an electrical short. As you saw, replacing the fuse didn’t fix the electrical short. It never does. The slight overfill is not connected to the electrical short. Troubleshoot the electrical circuit which has the blown fuse, with a voltmeter, and the electrical wiring diagram. Have someone read the check engine light code, and report the code here for some helpful comments.

You may have two problems. As Hello wrote a blown fuse means something happened to cause the fuse to blow. From your message I can’t tell if the new fuse also is not blown, but if not it may well blow soon.

Overfilling the tank is likely a second un-related issue. It may have triggered the CEL. You may get lucky and you may not have damaged the vapor recovery system. Over filling can damage that system. That is why the owner’s manual and or sticker on the car will warn you about topping off the tank. When it clicks off, you should stop filling.

You can get the CEL error read for free by many auto parts stores like Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the code (like P0123) not just the English interpretation, and post it back here. Also make sure the fuel cap is on tight.

the code was P0500 something with the gages, could it be that the fuse just burned cus it was old already? or i am looking on something else ?

DTC P500 “Vehicle Speed Sensor A”

but i am not sure if this problem just happend or maybe there is somthing beind it

There is an electrical short which is affecting several things. What is the fuse name or number? To check out these circuits, one needs the wiring diagrams. One uses a multimeter to check the wiring from the fuse. An electrical short will show very low, or zero, electrical resistance.