Engine Light Blinking on Hills

I have a 2003 Honda Accord EX Coupe with 87,000 miles. Everytime I drive up hills on the freeway my check engine light starts blinking, but then goes away once over the hill. I have had numerous dealers look into this along with other mechanics and no one has been able to find an issue. When they check the car computer no misfires show up. I know this isn’t normal and I am concerned that more damage is happening to my car. Just yesterday when I was waiting at a stoplight which was on a hill, my car started shaking and I thought it was going to die, but it went away once I was moving and has not occurred since. The other thing I’ve noticed about my car and I’m not sure if it is related to the above is that my car burns through a lot of oil. I usually have to put oil in it in between 3,500 mile oil changes. Again, I’ve had mechanics look into this and nothing. No oil leaks and no misfires. Where I park my car I have never noticed oil leaks either. I don’t know what to do or where to take it since no one can find anything wrong, but I know there is an issue and I want my car to last a long time, that is why I bought a Honda. HELP!!!

Has anyone found a error code stored? Why are they looking for misfires? My guess is it is low oil pressure and that can show up on hills if the oil level is low and you need to have just the right conditions.

Low oil doesn’t cause a flashing check engine light, misfire does.

It sounds like it needs to be driven up a hill with a scan tool plugged in. Any reasonable repair shop or dealer should be willing to do this.

I agree…never heard of low-oil causing a error code.

Possibly a clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump causing low pressure in fuel rail?
Again, you need to read codes.

The bit of oil he is burning is getting by under heavy ‘loads’ on the engine. The combustion process changes just enough and triggers the light. The engine is under greater loads going up hill.

CUINOZ13, try some very hard acceleration on a flat surface and the light will come on.

You are ‘burning oil’, not losing it via a liquid leak. It’s going out your tailpipe as it gets past the piston and into the combustion chamber.

You engine computer ain’t be liking that. Neither is your wallet when you have to buy more oil.

Thank you for all of the replies. Should I take this to the mechanic and if so what should I tell them?