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Engine lifts when putting on the gas

My 2002 VW wagon Passat engine lifts when I apply the gas, like the front end of the engine is saying whats up. This happens either idling, or on the street. Brought it in to a mechanic, but it wasnt their speciality. I was told that it was a mount but but every shop I talk to say theyve only got three types but im thinking there might be more than that. Its obivously one of the front mounts but can I get some clarity as to which one it is, and how intensive this might be?

This is not safe, have it towed to a good mechanic and get the engine mounts replaced.

Not too intensive.

“wasn’t their specialty”

I don’t know what kind of shops you’ve been going to, but based on what you said, perhaps you should find an independent shop which specializes in VW/Audi

Any decent mechanic with halfway decent eyesight, a good light, and a brain in his head will quickly be able to tell which mount has failed


The OP went to a shop that doesn’t “specialize” in motor mounts?
I don’t think that I have ever heard of a mechanic who specializes in motor mounts, but–as db4690 stated–any decent mechanic should be able to figure out the nature of the problem in just a few minutes.

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Engine and transmission mounts are a common thing that fail, so a common thing that shops replace.

The engine can’t be directly bolted to the frame of the car b/c when you press on the accelerator to bump the rpms, the resultant rotational inertia tends to twist the engine, which would break any bolts trying to hold the engine rigid to the frame. So the purpose of the mounts is to allow a little give when that happens. So it is normal for the engine & transmission to appear to move a little when you apply the gas. Perhaps what you are seeing is just normal operation. Maybe ask another person who owns the same car and compare the amount of movement in yours to theirs.

There’s not much ambiguity involved in the parts needed when replacing mounts. Unless this car has been modified in some way. Any auto parts store can help you. Or surf over to Rock Auto and look what they got for you car there. If they offer up a box to type in your VIN, do it that way, then you’ll be more likely to view only the parts that fit your specific car.

Thank you, this was helpful.

Yeah its the front one. But as we all know anyone can make assumptions.

Yeah what this guy doesnt comprehend is that there is vehical shops that specialize in specific items. They made it obviously clear what was happening and also gave an educated guess what it is. But couldnt warrent any certainity… thats why.

I don’t think anyone has seen any Midas Motor Mount or Mount’s R Us specialty shops.

Any decent mechanic (and NOT the guy in the pit at the Quickie Lube and Air Filter Emporium) can diagnose and change a motor mount, if they can’t, find a new shop.

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I will bet he went to a national chain of some sort.

Yeah, unfortunatly there’s not a place that specializes in such matters, and actually I didnt go to a naitonal chain for advice, but some of the more well rounded and respected mechanics in this state… why would that even matter?.. Honestly most halfway decent mechanics are ones who are certified and have tenure to back it up. Not the “OG” sitting in garage whos read all the blogs and is now the patron saint of car advice. Can I get an Amen. So for now who ever can enjoy seeing me riding my ten speed on my way to work. Zzzzzz. HONESTLY THOUGH, what Im trying to summize is, is there more than three motor mounts that would keep the engine from doing so?! Cause from what I saw, and what the gracious mechanic pointed out was a cracked/rusted what they thought might be a rusted motor mount, in the front of the engine. But, a large group of people that ive asked, has told me that there is, three, motor mounts for my car, and they’re not even close to where I originaly looked. So, in all respect, does anyone know which mount it might be, and can estimate the price? Phew this is a gas.

There are four mounts, a right and left mount to support the engine, a transmission mount and a front engine mount to control engine torque or lift as it would be observed.

Some engine movement is normal, the engine is mounted on rubber insulators. Your car is old enough the expect to see excessive movement.

Replacing the front center engine mount may correct that loose feeling you get when applying the throttle but inspection may show that all the engine mounts are worn or compressed on a vehicle this old.

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[quote=“s.b.bonney, post:1, topic:95528, full:true”]
My 2002 VW wagon Passat engine lifts when I apply the gas, like the front end of the engine is saying whats up. This happens either idling, or on the street. [/quote]While a bad mount (or 4) is the likely explanation, all motors move a little because the mounts aren’t solid. How much is it moving?

Its bad believe me. The engine lifts at least a few inches at the front. Its almost to the point where it touches the hood of the car.

I REALLY hope that you are not continuing to drive the car in this condition.


The OP needs to stop talking to multiple (mechanics ?) or wondering how many mounts the vehicle has and find a repair place that will actually determine what the problem is and solve it.


No way. Absolutly not.

Haha, well you know what would suck. If I didnt take care of other issues the car might have and gain perspective on the larger picture.

Frankly, I find this thread ridiculous. An easy question and it takes ~18 simple and similar answers … get the motor mount fixed. I do not understand what is so difficult.


Apparently, nobody looked up what it takes to replace this front motor mount.

No wonder nobody wants to do this job.