Engine knocking

My son was gooseing my 2000 chevy tahoe 350 vortek and now it has a knock in the right side but like on the top? could ? I be lucky and it could be something else than a rod or do I have to eat an engined with lots of salt and pepper

Knocking Noise Exists At All Engine Temperatures, Cold And Hot ? Louder At One Or The Other ?


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What do you mean by “goosing”? Was he just flooring it once in a while, or holding it at redline for a long time? Is there a chance he drove it through standing water?

Any engine in reasonable shape ought to be able to handle being driven hard indefinitely, as long as it has decent oil in it, is warmed up, and the cooling system is working normally. A 350 V8 ought to be able to take abuse that would make the owner cringe before causing serious harm to it, unless it already had problems.