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Engine idles at 3k rpm

Okay I have a 03 grand am with 3.400 & when I start the car it idles at 3k rpm which isn’t normal usually idles about 800 so I checked all the vacuum lines made sure I had no leaks which I didn’t then checked the iac which seemed to be Workin fine but wouldn’t think even if it was bad it was cause the idle to be so high at 3k ,next morning I go to look at the car & spot a spot underneath turns out I blew a brake line close to the master cylinder idk if this would be considered a vacume leak & if so would that cause the high idle, I wouldn’t think so but I’m stuck now ,I tried tapping the gas pedal about 35krpm in hopes to make the rpm drop instead it kinda stayed at 35k & didn’t go down as expected ,even usually turning the car of & on several times will eventually make the car idle at normal 800 rpm after a few restarts but it doesn’t even do that now it stuck completely at 3000 rpm I need help please

A bad IAC valve can cause a high idle.

Just ask my friend who took out two gas pumps while pulling into a gas station,. when the IAC valve decided to malfunction which caused the engine to race.


It would usually seem to reset after 2-4 restarts the idle normal around 800 rpm tho now it’s just a steady 3k rpm & won’t go down at all I’m thinking your right on the bad iac & wouldn’t be expensive to fix just not sure if that would cause a 3k rpm idle I could see maybe 2k but 3k rpms seems like it’s somthin more