Engine hesitation

Engine hesitates and stays at 500 RPM for a few seconds while trying to accelerat after slowdown at intersections. This is a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe se with less than 500 miles. Only has happened four times. Help

If it is still under warranty, take it to the dealer.

Could be one of too many different things to take a guess. Use your warranty coverage.

Took it to dealer. answer was bring it back if it continues. Meanwhile hesitating at intersection could be death trap. mary16

Ok - so it has apparently continued. Now you bring it back.

Sometimes you do have to convince people that something really is going on. This is especially complicated with intermittent problems. When you took it in did anyone actually drive it? Ask them if you can leave it to have someone else drive it around as long as necessary to make it happen. It should probably be driven with a scantool attached.

Besides the engine staying at 500 (?) rpm what else do you notice? (500 rpm is pretty low for an idle speed).

What Model-Year, 2011 ? How Long Have You Had It ?

Get with your salesperson and have them arrange for a “new” late model “demo” of some kind that you can use until they get it straightened out for you. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Be polite, but be firm.

Let them know that this option is a better route for them to go than the lawsuit that will follow your involvement in an accident as a result of their inability to help you with your car.


We’ve had the car for about 3 months. It is a 20ll. Hasn’t hesitated lately but your advise gives me the confidence to insist they get it straightened out if it happenes one more time. No one but my husband drove the car with the mechanic in it and of course it didn’t hesitate then. Since it has happened four times I expect it to happen again but I hope I’m wrong. Thanks