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Engine hesitates when turning wheel to right or left

07 Dodge Caliber 75K cvt 4cyl been to the dealer 3 times already, started with a single knock when turning the wheel to left or right if the car is not moving, they changed tie rods, struts and steering gear. Now the engine hesitates when the car is not moving and while turning the wheel to right or left. Im tired of taking it to the dealer cause they take 4 days to fix anything and any advise is appreciated.

Since your car is off warranty, why go to the dealer? Let an independent shop handle it. Make an appointment and you will be in and out in an hour, provided that the NAPA guy rushes over with the part your car needs.

My guess is that they will replace the power steering sensor which is supposed to kick up engine rpm if the steering fluid pressure exceeds a certain threshold. I don’t know if this will solve your problem (neither does the shop) but it’s a reasonable guess.

Generally when an engine struggles due to turning it’s because either the power steering pump is binding, loading down the serpentine belt (and thus the crankshaft) or because the engine is not running well and is struggling to deal with the extra load of the power steering pump. Someone needs to take a closer look at this one.

Take it to a reputable independantly owned and operated shop. You no longer need to go to the dealer.