Engine heat transfer to inside vehicle and outside by the doors!

2002 dodge grand caravan. We feel the heat from engine block inside the two front seats (driver and front passenger). We also feel heated wind (blowing strong) and smell coolant when standing outside the vehicle by the driver and front passenger door with the engine idling.

There’s visual small leak (about a handful) once the vehicle is parked. I wonder where the leak is (not on radiator and the radiator coolant level remains full). I bought Preston Radiator Complete Care and Stop Leaks. I haven’t put it in yet, just wonder if this will work. Anyone knows where the leaks might be and anyone ever use the product I bought to give me some recommendation? btw, I had new radiator cap installed last couple weeks.thanks.

Why was the radiator cap replaced. To try to fix this problem???

Are you sure that the new cap is of the correct pressure???

Before adding anything to the coolant check the puddle that you see. Place a parer towel in it. If it is clear water, it would be the drain from the AC and is normal. Even when the AC is not on…this can make a puddle. That puddle would be somewhere near where a passengers feet would be or just ahead of that.
I’m not one for stop leaks, because they just cover up a bigger problem and can sometimes plug up the heater core.

The first thing to do is to pop the hood and look for any leaks with a good flashlight. Be sure to check all the hoses…Radiator and Heater…and inspect the engine, looking for any steam or a small pool on a part of the engine. This is best done right after the engine has been to normal operating temp.
Use caution as to any moving parts!!!


I would not put any stop leak into the radiator. It may stop the leak but also stop a lot of other passages in the cooling system. Follow @Yosemite 's advice and check for any leaks. When was the last time the radiator fluid was changed? Once you find / fix the leak it would be wise to clean out all the old stuff and get new coolant.

You probably have a rear heater. The coolant is carried to the rear heater by a formed metal tube that is fairly pricey and prone to rusting out. You have to drop the rear converter to get it out. If that is what is leaking you have the option of eliminating the rear heater with a loop of heater hose.

too late! I put Prestone Complete Radiator Care and Stop Leaks in already! I thought Prestone is a good brand name, they are making coolant stuffs, it should be alright - crossed my fingers!

I found a small leak (after put in stop leaks) and used JB Welder to patch the leaks on the side of the radiator. It seems to be fine for now, will see after tomorrow long drive. My coolant was changed few months ago by the shop.

Thank you, all.

If you have a leaky radiator, replace it. If the thing blows in the summer heat it will ruin the engine. That would be much more costly.

I agree with @knfenimore . JB Weld, fine stuff that it is, will likely fail.

I took Knfenimore’s advice and replaced the radiator, thanks.

“Too late”???

You posted on the 30th, poured the Stop Leak in the next day, added the JB Weld, and then you took a “long drive” with this patched-up vehicle??

Next time, postpone your “long drive” and fix your car properly first. No sense in getting stranded somewhere and destroying your engine in the process!


Hi CityBoy, I have the same problem (2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor) with engine heat.
I dont see any leak though.
Just wondering if replacing radiator solved the issue permanently?