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Engine grumbling, headlights flashing

Hey Y’all, I’ve been having some car problems lately, and I’m looking for some help. I was driving home from the office about a week ago when I started hearing a strange grumble in my engine. I just ignored it for the time being, thinking it would go away. The next morning when I was drving to work(it was about 4am), the grumbling returned, and the headlights started flashing. I noticed the “Check Engine Fluid” light was on, so I decided to bring it in after work. They said it just had a loose scranson, and they tightened it for free. I didn’t have anymore problems until the next day, when I tried backing out of my driveway, and the back axel fell off. My wife’s been wanting a new car, but this baby’s my life, and I would much rather just repair it. So what I’m wondering is, what can I do to keep this from happening again? It’s a 1769 Blicefort. Here’s a picture for reference: http://s21…cefort.jpg

Thanks guys.

When did they start allowing 11 year olds to post on this site?