Re: flashing check engine light, etc. responses

Just wanted to thank SteveF, Jad2007, Americar, and VDCdriver for your responses to yesterdays query. The car is parked, going to take the bus, which I had considered before this problem. However, this afternoon, I plan on picking up some spark plugs for my car (1996 Pontiac Bonneville), figuring out how to replace, and seeing if that fixes the problem, and going from there. Do you think that scraping the concrete with the bottom of my car could have created this problem? Once again, I’d like to express my appreciation for your comments.

Hey starsky - can you try to stay within the same thread? I.e. Each time you come back about the same issue, go back to the link that was created when you first posted. (You can search for it if you need to). This is all getting a little messy.

If you click on the “view profile” link that is on the left of your screen, under the “Welcome starsky!”, you can see the last three posts you have made. Then you don’t need to do a forum search.