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Engine flooding without pumping gas

My 1985 dodge w350 engine will flood when I try to start it even when I don’t pump it. It will idle really rough and then I will drive it and it will be fine but I’m wondering why it is doing this it didn’t do this and know all of a sudden it is doing this. I am wondering what I can do to fix or what is wrong.

Your car needs a rebuild. The ethanol laced gas we use now probably ate up the rubber in the carb.

Your automatic choke may be sticking in the closed
Position or opening sluggishly. IIRC you have an electrically heated choke thermostat. There may be a fuse for it.

Thank you my dad told me that the carb on them are notorious for having leaks and I think the carb is original or it is older but I will rebuild it eventually

I think this was the age of neoprene floats rather than the hollow brass ones. These floats can absorb gas over time and become heavy, opening the needle valve and flooding the engine or today’s gas could have eaten away the soft tip of the needle valve. Dis you mean a 360 engine?

Yep my truck has a 360

Thanks everyone we figured it out its the choke it isn’t working properly