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Engine fans won't shut off

93’ subaru legacy wagon hard starting, fans won’t shut off check eng light on, killed old battery, put in new started right up,no check eng light,fans off, everythings fine.uhoh fans on light on now lights off,everythings day car won’t start eng check light on fans running non stop, original problenm is back.battery will probably be dead soon.

Do the fans run even with the ignition turned off?

As a temporary solution, find the fuse for the cooling fans and pull it. That will stop the fans and maybe prevent the battery from being drained.

YOU CANNOT DRIVE THE CAR WITH THE FANS DISCONNECTED. This is just to save the battery while the car is not in use.

When it’s running, take the car to a parts store or a mechanic and have the computer scanned for trouble codes. That should give you some idea why the CEL is on. Report back.

It’s probably as simple as a Temperature Sensor switch.

Thank you for responding, no the fans come on when the key is turned to the access position.

Thanks for the help, now off to find that ts switch.