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Engine Dies while driving

My '96 Chrysler mini-van engine dies away when I release the accelerator pedal to reduce speed while driving or when idling at a stop light. The van has 200,000+ miles.

Check the idle speed control. Without seeing it personally, I can only tell you that your description describes the common failure of the idle control.

On Fuel Injection cars, there is an air valve thingie, connected to the computer,and it opens to let in a little more air if it tries to idle too low, or closes to slow it up if it goes too fast.

If it gets sticky, it can’t run up and down fast enough to keep the engine idling.

I am trusting your description.

try to find one at Advanced Auto parts or Autozone if they have it, rather than paying top dollar for OEM which tends to be not as good.

On my old 1989 Caravan, it was fairly easy to replace. On my Sienna the throttle body has to be removed.

If you want to do it, get the Haynes shop manual from whatever part store, such as autozone; Advanced, or Murphys.