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Engine cutting out while driving

Hi, I have a 07 Ford focus sport tdci 1.6
Recently I’ve had a drop in fuel efficiency (about 47mpg down to 40mpg)
The car feels sluggish and feels like its struggling to get fuel through.
It has died while driving several times and refuses to start after for at least a few minutes.
It starts no problem when it’s not warm
Any ideas?

Tdci… turbo diesel? We don’t see those in the US but I’d be looking intomreplacing the fuel filter at a minimum. Does the car get up to temperature quickly? Might be a bad thermostat.

They’re very common here in the UK haha. I’m a new driver and this is my first car so I don’t know a great deal about cars.
I’ll be sure to take your advice and get the filter changed. Should I also get the air filter changed while I’m at it?
Also lovely mustang! Beautiful

A faulty crankshaft position sensor will cause an engine to cut out while driving.


Being as you are in the UK and the MOT sticker is not easy to get you might want a good shop just find out what is really wrong with your vehicle . At the same time they might also have a list of things you should plan on doing.