Engine cuts out/transmission pops into neutral

Here’s a strange one. I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla, 1.8L engine, automatic and 214,000 miles. It runs great, at least mostly. About a year ago I was on the freeway and the engine sputtered out, it just died. I coasted off the road and looked under the hood. Nothing had burned up, exploded or popped off, so I got in and started it. It strated right up with no problem. Now in the past month it has happened twice. The engine just cuts out with no warning, I pull over, restart it, and everyting is fine.

Also, I was driving at about fifty mph or so when the transmission seemed to pop into neutral. I stepped on the gas, the tach spun up and down wildy but no power to the wheels. I coasted into a parking lot, put it into Park then Drive. I drove around in the parking lot a little and drove home. I have driven short distances since then with no problems.

I have changed the fuel filter in the hopes it would solve the first problem and I had the transmission fluid and filter changed(the shop said everthing looked clean) to solve the second. I simply do not know for sure what went wrong and therfore, I don’t know if I have fixed anything. I keep the car tuned and change the oil regularly. Does anyone have any experience with simlar situations or have any brainy Ideas? Thanks, Jack.