Engine cut off problem

hello there

I have a 98 jetta that had recently been worked on. The last thing that was done was a new starter and vaccuum line. I spent two weeks prior poppin the clutch because I was broke from the previous repair of valve work. The car ran fine after the valve work and then the starter went out. Still ran fine as I popped the clutch. Now however it starts up fine and for the most part idles fine. But when I try to take off it likes to cutoff. If I slowly give it gas and slowly release the clutch it can get goin…but as I switch gears and the rpms increase it will sputter and often cuttoff. I can quickly push the clutch back in and catch it before it before it dies…or pop the clutch while still movin. When standing still it will cut off if I rev it up past 40000 rpm. I can get it goin on flatland but it hates hills. When goin smooth the oil light comes on along with a beeping sound. It has oil. Check engine light has been on forever and there is some electrical problems in the dash board that makes my clock reset and odometers bounce around a lot. One buddy believes I have a loose or exposed wire in the engine causing the cut off. Checked it out and couldnt see any. Ive been stuck for a while now and am about to blow it up…Please help. By no means can I afford another car

I suspect a number of contributing problems.

This “poppin’ the clutch” stuff…is this because the clutch is not engaging smoothly, as the rest of the narrative suggests? You may need a new clutch assembly. Including the release (throwout) bearing and pressure plate assembly.

The oil light…if the engine has proper oil and the light comes on, then either the oil pressure sensor is defective, the engine is having a problem maintaining oil pressure (perhaps just plain worn out…pressure cannot be maintained when the bearing spaces get too big…it’s like maintaining pressure in a ballooon with a pinhole), or it may even be related to the “electrical problem”.

The aforementioned “electrical problem” may be an intermittant cable connection…don’t forget to check the engine ground straps too…or a bad alternator or regulator…have the battery and charging system checked…parts stores do this free.

The “electrical problem” might also be a symptom of a dying engine. Remember, a dying engine can cause electrical hiccups, but electrical hiccups can also cause a dying engine.

The only suggestions I can make are to gete the battery and charging system checked, check out the cable connections, and check the oil pressure and its pressure sensor. And, if the clutch is shot, change the clutch.