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Engine coolent going somewhere

have a 2008 kia sadona mini van and i just put coolent in radiator and over flow and the overflow is fine but when i checked the radiator it was very low and i see no leak. no where so where is the coolent going ty? is allways low everyday why?

You need to put the car on jackstands and get under there with a bright light and a mirror

Chances are, you’ve got a crusty radiator radiator or water pump

wowwww really its been fine but i guess i need to do that thank u!

where do i look at and what for

Go to an auto parts store, and buy some of this stuff, or a similar product:

Add it to the coolant in your radiator, run the engine for a few minutes, and then it should be fairly obvious where the leak is located.

Or maybe the head gasket is failing and allowing coolant to pass into the cylinders and out the tailpipe. If you don’t find any obvious leaks, a pressure test of the cooling system would be the next step.

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Check your oil. If it’s too high and it’s a milky color, let us know.

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My go-to on this sort of problem is to replace the radiator cap. A new one is pretty cheap, the job is easy when the engine is cold, and a leaky cap can be the cause of your coolant loss. With a leaky cap you don’t get the pressure build up you need to push the boiling point of coolant up enough to avoid loss from boiling, and if the cap seal is faulty the vacuum that develops in the radiator as it cools off after driving will also be lost and coolant will not be drawn back from the “overflow” tank.

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Good idea to check the oil level with this problem. Sometime coolant will escape into the oil which will make the oil level on the dipstick rise for no apparent reason. If that’s happening you want to find it out asap b/c any coolant getting into the oil will eventually damage the engine bearings.