Engine Control

(A long story short)…after a vacation, I started my car. When I shut it off, a noise came from under the hood (that now runs 24/7). It sounds like one of two things–a pump that is pumping air or a part of the engine that just won’t shut off. A friend/mechanic pulled fuses under the hood until it shut off. The fuse that did the trick was “Engine Control 2”…a 15 amp fuse. But…now that I know that, I don’t know what to do next? Any ideas as to what it is?

Make, model, year, miles, etc? Is the noise continuous with/without the engine running? What does the owner’s manual say, usually it will describe the components connected to each fuse.

Does the vehicle have an electric radiator cooling fan?

Ed B.

2000 Infiniti I30t…about 110K miles. The noise is continuous with AND without the engine running…and the manual doesn’t describe the components of each fuse.

Could be the engine cooling fan.

It might be a good idea to check to see if your have any stored error codes in the computer. Some auto part places will check it for free. Post back the code like [P1234] not just the English description.