Engine compartment noice at accerleration

noise, sounds like “tu, tu tu …” heard from the engine compartment, when press at accelerates, esp when going up hills.

My hears are so tuned to it, I can also hear the much quieter “tu tu tu …” when cruising at, say, above 60mph. is this detonation pinging?

Detonation pinging sounds like marbles rolling around the inside of a tin can…or the even worse knocking like someone rapping on the engine with a ball peen hammer.

I can’t imagine what could cause a tu tu tu sound. Perhaps if you put your head under the hood and rev the engine manually you’ll be able to hear the source.

it seems the noise comes from the drivers side. And it could almost describe it as the fluttering like sound.

it’s “head under the hood” time.

Sorry, there are just too many possibilities without knowing more.

actually after hearing other fluttering engine sounds (on youtube), i dont think mine is the same thing. It also sounds like a leak in the exhaust pipe as well. But I have exhaust system checked, and it was fine.

Thanks anyway. Being not knowing anything about cars/ engine, to me the noise also sounds something is loose in the engine compartment. Now I accelerates, you could hear all kinds noises which were not there before.

It’s good that you had the exhaust system checked, but perhaps you could go back and ask them to tell you what’s causing the sound rather than what system to check.

Again, I wish I could help more, but the possibilities are endless without actually listening to the sound.

asked them about the sounds at the beginning, but no one seems to know …

Were the exhaust manifolds checked for leaks with the rest of the exhaust system?

Ed B.

I think they checked everything. While driving, it sounds like the noise is from the front lower driver side. It’s the loudest, while accelerating even on highway, esp uphill. Now that my ears are tuned (too bad -;), i could also hear it while cruising at above 65mph, but at lower level or subtle way. The noise sounded like exhaust leak, because the sounds “tu tu …” also mixes with alike sounds when “gas gashing out”