Engine cleaning to make it shine and make me less dirty while working on it

What do you guys recommend? I will use my gloves and get some rags but I like a product that is not very toxic because I am working in a garage with poor ventilation.

Buy a can of this.

Drive to a coin-op car wash.

Soak the engine with the engine cleaner.

Drop some quarters into the machine, set it to rinse, grab the wand, and blast the dirt and grime away.


Tester , while I am sure that you could do this with out any problems but this person might cause damage because they have no idea where to aim and where not aim the spray wand.

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I always use brake parts cleaner together with shop rags to clean and degrease the engine, transmission, and surrounding areas, but I always work outside or in my carport which is open on two sides. I would not use this chemical in a confined space–it is highly flammable and the concentrated vapors are hazardous to your health. Since we are talking about taking the vehicle to a car wash, why not just pull it outside to clean and degrease the engine and surrounding areas and then pull it into your garage to work on it?