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Engine clank/taping sound and codes: P1340 and P0341

'01 Audi A6 2.7T, has 97k…I noticed the car making a loud clacking/taping sound at idle that didnt change even when car warmed up. Check engine light came on today…codes P1340 and P0341 both deal with camshaft being “out of sequence” on bank #1. Any suggestions before I bring it to the mechanic?

Nope, no suggestions.
Thank timing chain stretched and worn.

@mattT, does your mechanic have all the tools to diagnose and repair your engine?

It has a timing belt…no chain, which was done at 80k

Were belt tensioners, etc replaced at the same time as the belt?

Hopefully this is not a matter of a belt installation problem that has led to a camshaft jumping time with the noise created by valve heads tapping piston tops ever so slightly.

So motor is making noise and ur still driving it? Timing belts and codes for timing issues would bum me out. And not drive car.

the timing belt was done at the dealership…so i imagine they did everything…no i am not driving it until i get it to my mechanic

@mattT, you still didn’t answer the question about if your mechanic has the tools necessary to repair your engine?

No offense to your mechanic, but not every shop and not every mechanic is equipped to repair everything.
I occasionally do sidejobs at my house, and I often turn down jobs that I know I shouldn’t be getting involved in.