Engine chugs uphill

95 buick runs fine on flat land, but when goes up a steep hill, it begins to chug and miss. What are the things that could be causing this? We have been told that dealerships don’t work on cars of this age, so we are thinking that computer diagnostics may not be available.

These cars do have computers that monitor systems and report fault codes. On your '95 this is the older OBD-1 system. As of '96 cars are on OBD-2 (On-Board Diagnostics). Is your check engine light on? If so then the computer has some “ideas” about issues.

Dealers will work on this car. But you don’t need a dealer. Any reputable, local mechanic can deal with it. Avoid corporate chain auto care places.

As for the problem - what is the maintenance history of the car? If it isn’t up to date on basic things like spark plugs, wires, fuel & air filters then that is the place to start.

For the chugging up hills, the most likely maintenance issue would be a fuel filter. Someone should also check the fuel pressure.

Fuel filter first…You should be able to duplicate the symptoms by accelerating at full throttle for a few seconds on a level road…