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Engine Accessory Drive Belt

I have a 2004 Buick Century (V6 3.1L autom. transm.), and the owner’s manual speaks of it having an “Engine Accessory Drive Belt,” but does NOT mention anything about a “timing belt” or “timing chain.” So does this mean that the car has an “Engine Accessory Drive Belt” INSTEAD of a timing belt/chain?

Also, the manual does not mention the car as having a “fuel filter,” but I’ve been told that it does have one. How often, if ever, does the fuel filter need replacing?

Your car has a timing chain. It will/should last the life of the car. The accessory drive belt, aka “serpentine belt” is the belt that drives your water pump, alternator, steering pump and air conditioner. In the old days they were called fan belts, because they also turned a fan.

Your car does have a fuel filter, somewhere in the maintenance schedule there is a recommended replacement interval, perhaps as high as 100,000 miles. I would recommend replacing it every 30,000 miles though.

3.1 has a timing chain in the engine. Your accessory drive belt is the outside belt around the alternator, waterpump, airconditioning etc…The fuel filter is under the car back by the gas tank. No service interval replace it when it’s restricted acording to the book…I’d do it at 30k…use only AC Delco…only one that traps water

Thanks a lot for the helpful information!