Enclave timing cover gasket

6 months ago A friend with a 2013 Buick Enclave was told by the Buick dealer that he needed a timing cover gasket to the tune of $2600.00. It had developed a small leak. They ended up selling him a new Enclave!
Today the same dealer told me I had a timing gasket leak and it would need a $2600.00 repair. I declined but was this Coincidence or profit generator? Anybody have similar experience and how common is replacing the gasket?

It is quite common on this model, and requires dropping out the entire drive assembly to perform the repair. I think the book time is around 14 labor hours to complete.

What color is your new car?

What was the final outcome of your fuel mileage drop from your Dec 2018 question?

It was so simple it was embarrassing…the dash was telling me "miles to empty not MPG. Ohh to have my "65 Impala back. lol

Called my mechanic in Minnesota, (apparently a common issue) and he solved the problem: Get a package of Barr’s stop leak crushable tablets and crush 5-6 of them into powder then put them in the cool radiator and drive the car for 1+ hours. This will seal up small gasket leaks… He said the new auto mfg use this product on all aluminum engines before shipping to seal everything up!

worked like a charm…sorry Liberty Buick!

Your timing chain cover was leaking coolant? Usually the problem is an oil leak from the timing chain cover. Details are important.