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Emmision test blow alternator?

Went to get an emmision test on Thursday and on Friday the battery light came on. Have an AC Delco alternator and a new AC Delco battery repalced less than a year ago . What could have they done to my alternator to blow it. Dodge 2005 caravan.

I honestly can’t think of anything involved in emissions testing that would have led to alternator failure. Have you made sure that the serpentine belt has sufficient tension to drive the alternator?

Nothing that I’m aware of. Did you ask?
What type of test was it? Was it on a dyno or was it an OBDII download (like NH uses)?

I think this is just called a coincidence.

I have to agree with others here. There is no emissions test that I can think of that will cause an alternator failure. As mentioned earlier…it just a coincidence.

Corrosion on your battery cables will lead to low battery and strain your alternator.

Check on the warranty on the alternator. Delco was starting to have life time warranties on their new alternators last time I bought one some years ago.

Reconditioned alternators and any alternators can go at any time. There are some really small things that can go bad like the diode trio. Poof and it’s done.