EML, DSC lights all on in 04 BMW X3 2.5i



i own a 2004 bmw x3 2.5i with 36k miles. I left for a week and came back to a dead battery. i jumped it and it started immediately but the DSC light came on for the first time. i drove the car and left it on for 15 mins, no issues. went to restart the car and had to jump it again. After starting the EML and “service engine soon” lights came on along with a “chugging” sound in the engine that resulted in the rpms to fluctuate from 1000 to 1500. I released the emergency brake, its’ light stayed on now but in yellow(not red), and the car would accelerate very slowly when i stepped on the gas. Any ideas or suggestions?


You need to either have your battery fully charged(driving a while or charger) OR replace the likely bad battery. When lots of lights show up usually that indicates an electrical glitch due to bad battery/alternator.


would that be a reason for the “revving” or “chugging” feel when I tried to pull out of the parking lot? i.e. no real acceleration when i stepped on the gas.


I would not start troubleshooting the driveability aspect before the battery/charging system was brought up to spec. ,as previously stated.


We have a 2005 330i that is doing the exact same thing that your 2004 BMW did? Did replacing the battery fix the chugging also or was there something else that needed repaired? Thanks!


I had the battery on my X3 die when I was on vacation for a month too. How long did you drive it for after jumping it? You’ll need to drive it for WAAAY more than 15 minutes - say, like a half an hour at least, better if you can for 45 minutes. I took it to my dealer (still under warranty), and they said that it’ll happen because the computer and lots of the other electrical components are still running. (FYI, they recommend a battery tender when you’re away for more than a week). As far as the indicator lights, mine went off after about 30 min of driving. Only diff, my dsc was fine - my xDrive indicator was the one that was on for a while. I would follow these other guys’ advice and FULLY charge the battery. Drive it as long as you can. Btw, have you ever replaced your battery?