Emissions Test complete PT dead

After passing emission test PT must be pushed out of the testing garage. Towed to mechanic, fixed wiring, ran 2 weeks. Towed again, mechanic says computer is gone. Has anyone had this problem? How to confirm what is wrong? Mechanic was able to start PT, but said it is a 2 person job to start PT, and once I turned it off, I can’t start it. Parked in front of house. 2001 PT Cruiser

Wait, what? How did it pass emissions if it wasn’t running? Are you saying that you took it in for an emissions test, it passed, and as soon as it passed it shut off and wouldn’t start again?

Why does the mechanic think the computer is gone? Do you have any diagnostic codes?

I have trouble believing the 2-person job thing. Please explain this more.

I’m with Shadow. This needs a lot more clarification.

Please describe clearly and in sequence exactly what happened at the garage.
Also, please describe exactly what happens (and what doesn’t) when you try to start the car.

Also, if you’ve been having any other operating problems, please add those to t he post.

And if there are any fault codes involved in the story, please post them as well.

We’ll be happy to try to help you, but we need someplace to start.

drive fine to emissions test. passed, but, crew had to push it out of the building. totally dead, tried to jump, no good. towed to mechanic. repaired some wiring, 2 weeks later after no problems driving, would not start in my garage. nothing, towed to mechanic, they put it on diagnostic tools, report “PCM not grounding starter relay”. indicated that I needed a new computer. was able to drive it home, but will not start. totally dead. mechanic says only dealer can order and install new computer as they must reprogram it. I will check, but I think the dash lights come on, but there is absolutely no sound when I try to start.

“2 man job to start it” sounds like “one guy to run +12V to the starter, the other guy to work the switch.”

I wonder what diagnostics were run to isolate the problem to the PCM vs the starter relay, et. al.

The PCM may not be the problem but you will need a better shop to diagnose this.

The PCM relies on the input from the transmission range sensor (gear position sensor) to determine if the transmission is in park or neutral. Check the PRND3L display in the instrument cluster. If each position does not light up as you move the shift lever through each gear there is a problem with the range sensor or a communication failure between modules.

Check that there is no add on devices plugged into the diagnostic connector.

Thank you, will investigate further. This was very helpfull!