Emergency brake

I may have over adjusted (tightened) the hand brake by driving backwards with the brake on. Is this possible? How do I let it out a little?


Have you worked on the brakes lately?

Do you have the appropriate brake adjusting spoon for your car?

This is what I mean


Do your rear backing plates have openings for adjusting the shoes? They may be covered up with a rubber plug . . .

Driving backwards with the handbrake on does not affect the adjustment of the rear brake shoes. The brakes are adjusted when needed when the handbrake is applied. If the handbrake handle goes up more than eight clicks, it tugs on the self adjuster. Every time the self adjuster is moved, the hand brake should go up about four clicks to tight.

If you can’t go up four clicks with the hand brake, then they are too tight, but you may have done some other damage besides the adjustment. The number of clicks is based on 44 lbs of pull, 12" from the hinge point of the handbrake lever.