Elmscan5 treo650 linux OBD-II

Has anyone used an Elmscan5 OBD-II reader with PalmOS Treo650 and/or linux laptop.

I recently acquired a Toyota Avalon 2001 which AFAIK uses the ISO9141 OBD-II interface. Before I was using an Elmscan reader with a Saturn SL2 (J1850) interface and OBDGauge software on a Palm III,

as well as ScanTool software on a linux (SuSE-10.2) laptop.

AFAIK I can purchase a serial I/O cable (www.serial.io C-MUL-1F-P) for the Treo650, and attach to a Elmscan5 (www.scantool.net Compact).

Before doing so, I was hoping to learn if anyone had good/bad/indifferent experience.