'04 LeSabre Limited, 126,000 miles.

A couple of times in the past, while driving, the car indicated that the ABS and Traction Control were disabled. Stopping and turning off the ignition, then restarting solved the problem. This weekend the problem occurred again but will not reset, so the ABS and Traction control are now disabled.


You can check the brake fluid resorvoir, if it is low that will make your light go on and disable the system. Aside from that there isn’t much you can do about this.

Have you had the brake fluid changed? It should be changed every 3 years in cars with ABS. If never done, do it soon there could be water and contaminants in the brake fluid. If the brake fluid level is OK and you’ve had it changed within the last 2 years then you’ll need to make a trip to your Buick dealer for a diagnosis. ABS brakes use specific systems which differ enough that general repair shops don’t always have the necessary diagnostic equipment. You can try your local mechanic, but I’d be headed to a GM dealer if it were my car.

The first step is removing all four wheels and checking the speed sensors (the little thingies with the wire) and the notched rings that turn under them. Look for bent mounting brackets and disconnected wires or debris packed in the rings…

The problem was a faulty left front wheel bearing assembly that had been replaced last year. Had 17 days left on the 1-yr guarantee so only had labor charge.