Electronic Dashboard repair

Recently purchased a used 2008 Outback with some miles. It worked fine until suddenly it had trouble starting. Took it to local mechanic said it was the electronic dashboard and was not able to repair it. He sent it to our local dealer shop. Dealer shop has now had it for 7 weeks and still not repaired although they constantly have excuses (mechanic put in compromised part, ordered new and takes a while, etc.) Any advice how to move forward?

I wish that I did have some advice.
Instead, I have a question:
Are you sure that this wasn’t a flood car?
If it was, it is possible that you could be chasing electrical/electronic problems forever.

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My advice is to give up on the dealer shop and tow the car to another (better) mechanic who can find you a dashboard or a company that can repair it.

There is a company that can sell you a repaired cluster or repair yours. The link is https://www.instrumentclusterstore.com/. Repair takes about a week, not 7.

You have been putting up with this situation for waaay longer than I would.

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Thanks for your reply. I wanted to add this info in case you or others have some clue to what’s happening…the bulkhead harness was replaced and the BIU keeps getting compromised. Appreciate any thoughts you might have

Hmmm, maybe @VDCdriver’s question is a valid one?

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