2014 Subaru Outback - will these problems continue?

New battery kept dying. After many tests found problem in cluster dash. Waiting on part which bill now up to $1000. Lost confidence and wandering if I will have continues problems. First subaru only owned 6 months. Any suggestions?

Wondering if you will continue to have problems . No one can answer that question . The shop doing the work might be able to guess the overall condition of the vehicle . It is just a fact that used vehicles can have problems .


Ouch! At least you got 6 months before this happened which means the previous owner didn’t intentionally sell you his headache.

I hope whatever shop is doing the work knows what they’re doing and not unintentionally running up a bill throwing parts at the problem. Usually a battery dying is just a bad alternator or regulator or some light being left on. Seems odd that a dash cluster would have a continuous draw.

Not odd at all. Instrument panels are computers and not just a bunch of gauges.

I had an instrument cluster partially fail with a parasitic draw that would kill the battery in 3-4 days… on a 1984 car!

Additionally, I’m starting to wonder if this might have been a flood-damaged vehicle.

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