Electrical Short?

Hello! I went to my car this morning and tried to unlock my car using the remote, however, it didn’t work. I thought hmmmm, that’s weird. So I got in my car and started it and noticed that my CD player went on (I never use it) all of the programmed radio stations were gone, the trip miles were reset, and the time was at 1:00 (it was 8 AM). I was wondering if there was a short in the electrical system and if I need it to be checked out or if it was a one time thing? I don’t know if the car info is necessary, but it’s a 2005 Mazda hatchback. Thanks!

It’s not a short. A short circuit would have blown a fuse, and something would not be working.

I’d wonder about the condition of the battery, especially if it’s the original battery from 2005.

Do you notice any hesitation when you try to start the engine?

No, there was no hesitation when I started the engine. But… I haven’t changed the battery from the original, so that is very plausible.

Well, it’s weird. I’ll give you that. I’d say more likely an open circuit than a short. It sounds like all(?) your electronics reset around 7:00 am. I’m not entirely clear why the remote wouldn’t work however, but I think I don’t really understand remotes.

Since the car started, it is probable that the battery wasn’t just dead. It could still be defective in some way though.

For starters, try the remote again and see if it works and if everything resets when you use it. You might also try gently twisting the black and red battery cables. Once near the battery and once near wherever they go to. What you are looking for is a loose/bad connection that resets the radio et. al. I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on finding one.

Thanks for all of the info - this is really helpful. I actually just purchased a warranty for my car since the old one was up. I’m going to take my car in sometime this week I think just to have it checked out. I do a lot of driving and can’t afford to get stuck somewhere with a dead battery!