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2003 Taurus - dying on the road

I have a 2003 Taurus with 88K miles. While my husband was driving it (in the rain),the power steering went out, the radio turned off, all the dashboard lights went on, and it stalled within 1-2 minutes. It was towed to the mechanic - they charged the battery & it started no problems. They checked the battery, alternator, battery cables, nothing wrong. They kept it a couple of days and it did not happen again. A few weeks later, our babysitter was driving it & it stalled - the same way (it was drizzling). We jumped it and it started fine. We took it to a second mechanic - no problems were found. I have driven it 2X in the rain with no issues. Any thoughts??

Did the mechanic check the splash shields underneath of the car?

What I would be thinking of doing would be to run the car while misting the crankshaft position sensor (CkPS) with water.

(The connection to splash shields is that one of their jobs is to keep water from splashing up on things like CkPSs. But is a problem is found there will be more to it than splash shields like damaged wiring and/or sensor).