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Electrical problem

The driver side corner light/ turn signal was torn of of my dads 98 Camry. I spliced the wires and it worked fine, but now the signal stays on when the lights are on and, all the dash lights blink with the drivers side signal when the lights are off and the turn signal is on. I found that the turn signal fuse was blown, so I changed the fuse and nothing changed, I think it is the relay, but I’m not sure and i don’t know where it would be. Thanks for the time and help.

Even though you spliced the wires, did you physically check that none of the wires were pulled out of any other connectors? I would first check to make sure the ground(s) have hot been pulled loose. Many times a wire will stretch a lot and pull on other connectors before they actually shear off. To help locate grounds and connector has all sorts of manuals with electrical diagrams, your will be in the Gen.4 section.

When you spliced the wires, did you splice them exactly the way that it was wired before, or did you guess at anything? You may have inadvertently created another ground path that is causing the problem.

Thank you both. Still working on it.