Electrical problem

I have an electrical problem w/a 95 automatic maxima. I think something is draining the battery. The batteries have been tested, so that is not the issue. I checked the charging system by connecting the leads of a voltmeter to the battery and it reads 13.8 and when i turned on the lights, it dropped to 13.4. Also when i put it on drive, it also drops to 13.4 @ idle. I disconnected the neg. and used one of those continuity things w/a light bulb and it seems to light up pretty bright.

forgot to mention, in th fuse box area next to the battery, theres a fuse missing for the alarm. I tested it w/ my electical multitester, and when i touched both metal things (sorry not sure what it is called) where the fuse goes, there seems to be some electrical activity. I took out other fuses and did the same thing, and there was no blip on the milti-tester, it remained zero.

Since the fuse was missing for the alarm system then that can’t be the problem circuit. The fuse that the provides power to circuit wasn’t there, no power.

When you make a voltage check, normally it is done by connecting the meter common lead(minus side- the black lead) to a good ground point on the car chassis or anywhere you know it is a good ground connection back to the minus side of the battery. Then the red probe is touched to the point you want to test. The voltage you saw across the missing alarm fuse would be normal since power is provided to the alarm at all times and you most likely had a fairly low resistance path to ground through the alarm system. Thus you saw voltage there. The other fuse point you measured most likely did not have a path to ground so you did not see a voltage. If you had tied the common lead to ground you then should have seen a voltage on one side of the fuse slot.

Here is a link that can help you find the current drain.