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Electrical problem & mystery

I had several incidents where the car would not start & the battery was dead after the car sat a few days. After my shop checked & could not find a specific cause we ended in replacing the the battery & the clamps that held it. The car was fine for a month and then it went dead again after being left unused for 4 days.

I wondered if my shop had the proper equipment to find problem. Also do any of you have any ideas of what to do. We are anticipating selling the car if we can repair it at a reasonable cost considering the vehicle has 175,000 miles on it.

Model-Year ?


I think it’s a case of parasitic drain.
The shop needs to measure how much current is drawn from the battery when the car is off.

Have a shop check the current drain on the battery while the car is parked and systems have gone into the sleep mode. Normal current draw should be less than 35 milliamps.