Electrical Diagnosis



The following is the repair work performed using BMW original parts,at an authorized BMW retailer.

The warranty on the replaced parts was two years, the invoice date being 05/04/06.

COMPLAINT: Ignition will not shut off or start

CORRECTION: Steering lock assembly


Identical problem recurring and wonder whether this 1995 model with 153,000 km

should have same repairs done or not worth the expense?


You know much more about the status of the rest of the car than we do. This “problem” on e-36’s is pretty common,just unlucky it happened to you twice.

I would not let this “twice same problem” be the major influence on if to keep car. I couclude you will fix car and either keep or sell, as selling in a inop condition is the worst choice.


You are guessing what the problem is and also guessing about the repair cost…Stop guessing and find out for sure what the problem is…

If the car has reached “beater” status, a universal ignition switch can be installed in the dash by any auto electrician…


Caddyman BMW always is first with “new and better” in this case the ignition switch is tied both mechanicaly and electricaly to multiple theft deterent systems, you can’t “ghetto” one of these up, with sucessful results