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Electrical delay

Hi everyone, I have a 2001 trans am and am having a strange delay in electrics. I’ll start the car, but it will be a good 20 seconds or so before I’m able to roll the power windows down or for the radio lights to come on for example. The headlights work right away from what I can tell. The battery and the alternator were replaced back in March, so they’re brand new. This just started happening in the last week. Thank you for any thoughts/ideas!

I think there is a relay to apply power to the windows so that you can’t move them while the car is starting. That relay way be sticking a bit. Check the owners manual for the location of the fuse box(s). The window relay should be in there. Swap it with an identical one if there is one in the box and try it. If that fixes the problem, treat the old girl to 2 new relays - one for the windows and the other one you moved over because its 16 years old, too.

Thank you!! I will try that :slight_smile:

Could also be the ignition cylinder. If it’s slow to turn back to “on,” then it might turn back far enough to disengage the starter, but not far enough to re-engage the window circuits. Try nudging the key toward on after you start the car and see if the windows work when you do.

As already stated, the trouble could be due to faulty relay contacts, the ACC contacts of the ignition switch (more likely), or, there may be a control module for those things that has a problem. I would first check the ACC contacts. You should be able to check the voltage getting to the fuse for the instrument lights in the dash panel and check for the delay.

Thanks so much everyone, I replaced the fuses and so far so good!

I doubt that’s what the problem is. But no harm done trying it. Might work. I expect however it is either (as posted above) that relay is sticking, or my guess, is (again as posted above) a faulty ignition switch. One idea, try driving the car with just a single key in the ignition switch, nothing else dangling. If that helps, points to a faulty ignition switch. Such a thing isn’t uncommon on a 16 year old vehicle. The ignition switch on my Corolla went a bit faulty at about that age.