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Electric Problem

I have a Shelby, Daytona Turbo, I took real good care of it - I garaged it every Winter - When I did drive it, in the Summer, I kept it covered !!! I waxed it, all the time - It did not matter, the paint fell off, anyway !!! Now I have an electrical problem, the car has power seats and power windows - The passenger side works fine, but … on the driver’s side, where I sit - If you move the seat up, the switch works fine, but if you try to move the seat back, you have to mess with it for an hour, clicking that switch, to make it work !!! And the window, goes down easily, with the switch, but … if you try to make it go up, it might take you another 2 hours, clicking that switch, to make it go back up !!! I was going to replace the whole Switch group, that is in the door, but I quickly found out that they no longer make anything, for my car !!! Next year my car will be a classic, 25 years old !!! It only has 15, 000 miles on it and they only made 536 of them !! That makes it easy to find, NOTHING, in the local junk yards !!! I love the car and it runs just like the day that I bought it !!! Please tell me how to fix my switches in my door !!!

Thank you,
from Big Louie

Try looking around here:
I’m pretty sure the switch sets used were used in many other MOPAR products. I would try matching things with the Lasers, Or maybe even LeBarons since they shared some interior parts.

Also check out They have window switches for Daytonas, along with window motors, if that’s the problem. The seat switch might be harder to find. I’d take it off the car and check out its function, use some electrical contact cleaner to see if that helps.

You own an old car, it’ll require lots of TLC for these kinds of problems.

You may have to take the switch apart yourself (if possible) and clean the contacts with solvent or sandpaper. Check Youtube for a video showing how - there is an amazing amount of stuff posted for repairs. You should also find an internet forum specializing on Daytonas. These groups share tips, techniques and suppliers for parts. Good Luck and welcome to the old car hobby!

I agree with mustang’s cleaning suggestion.
Electrical gremlins show up…strictly due to age…( 25 years old – is that ALL ? )…and nothing you did wrong or broke. ( I have a 79 and am real glad it’s basic analog everything just for this reason )
Most of the time a good cleaning will bring them back to life.
Un-plug, clean and re-plug motors, switches, and harnesses.
Even disassembling the switch to access its innnards may be needed. This is nothing a normal shop would do but you can do yourself or an electronics shop like the ones that do police radios, sirens and lights.

You’ll also find that lubricants attract dust over time and that can effect function as well. Maybe clean and re-lube the window tracks and the electric drive motors ( if you can get into them as most are sealed. )

Use Very fine emory cloth to clean contacts on the switches. Good electronics contact cleaner is worth every penny. Sometimes you can squirt it in the switch and exercise the switch and it will start working again.

The switches are spring loaded so if you take them apart be real careful when removing the end. Do it while it is inside a see through plastic bag in case fly out. From what you say about the problems it does seem the trouble is with the switch contacts. Make sure the supply voltage is good to the switch while trying to move things in both directions

For cleaning electrical contacts I recommend deoxit.

Gotta take the advice on contact cleaners from one who calls himself @circuitsmith.

I need to go look for Deoxit on the web now. :slight_smile:

Hey, Amazon has it in spray or brush on. Thanks for the tip.