Electric Porsche 1968 100% ELECTRIC PORSCHE 912

There are some websites I also encourage you to visit and in the voice of a ‘fan’ post something along the lines of, "Has anyone but me seen this amazing ORANGE ELECTRIC PORSCHE for sale on EBay? Is it Jay Leno’s? http://cgi…:MESELX:IT

It’s worth whatever a '68 Porsche 912 body is worth (with title)…$8000 tops. It’s just a jazzed up golf cart with a very small, very low range battery pack…

But never forget, there is a sucker born every minute…

In what world does a used car which was a daily driver have 0 miles on it, as the eBay listing claims? This guy could afford a $60,000 project car, but can’t afford parking?

30-40 mile range? 60 mph top speed? No thanks! A Porsche in name only…

Those pictures look like something out of a magazine the way the model is standing around the car.

Based on the cheesey picture spread, hazy claims as to what this car will do, tossing around the names of Tesla and Leno, a poor eBay seller rating, etc., only an utter fool would even consider this thing.
One would think that if someone has the funds to live on the beach in the LA area (assuming not literally) they could afford a 10 X 20 at the Mini-Storage to park it in.

Seeing as how auction ends soon with 0 bidders apparently I’m not the only one who is thoroughly unimpressed.