Electric fuel pump issue

I stopped for gas and after filling the car, the car would not start. There was no fuel in the fuel filter which is next to the carburators (1959 Austin Healey). The fuel pump was making its usual noise but not getting any fuel to the filter. I have a fuel pressure regulator and turned that to the highest level. The pump was then able to fill the filter but the car has a problem with not enough fuel at idle. So, I am going to replace the fuel pump, but explain to me why it can’t get enough fuel to the carbs at idle?


It could be rust or gunk in the tank blocking an in tank filer at the pickup or a bad pump or that fuel filter you can see may be blocked.

The fuel pump could be sucking air, especially, if there is a fuel filter between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. The rubber hose could be losing the vacuum (from the fuel pump) through cracks or poor seals at clamped areas.

Never mind, electric pump.

If it’s a vane type pump perhaps the vanes were eroded and the pump was cavitating.

Hmmmm, which A-H do you have? Interesting cars, those. Not as good as an MG of course, but I digress. Yes your electric pump could still be sucking air because it’s not mounted inside the tank like a modern one. It pulls fuel through a hose from the tank to the pump. If you disconnect the inlet hose from the carburetter(s) and turn the key, what do you get? If nothing, or just a dribble, check the hose from the tank to the pump. There is no filter in the tank, nor is it a vane type pump. If you need a pump, go to http://www.mossmotors.com/ or http://www.victoriabritish.com/ Either one will have it.