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I’m having a problem with my electical system in my chevy trail blazar. the interior lights,radio,dash board lights, locks,front and back lights not working. 2002 model

Have you checked all the fuses?

Check fuses, circuit breakers, and fusible links. Some are under the dashboard and some are under the hood. Consult the owner’s manual for more information.

front and back lights

Do you mean the parking lights or do you mean the headlights?

Yes sir I did check the fuses.

I ment the head lights, dash board lights, radio,rear lights, the interior lights, none of these work. The signal light, flashers, brake lights work.

Did you attempt to jump start your truck? And, then, all the interior lights went dark? If you did, and the jumper cable positive clamp was clamped to the power stud near the battery, that action caused the 125 amp fuse to the IP (instrument panel) to blow. If so, replace the 125 amp fuse, and, in the future, connect the jumper cable clamp to the positive battery post, only.
If the above isn’t the problem, the problem may be with the Body Control Module (BCM), or its power supply. Check the fuses in the Rear Fuse Block (wherever it may be) which supply power to the BCM. The problem may be in the BCM , fuses, or the wiring harness.

And you said you tend to think small? (Big grin) (in another post hellokit)