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Elantra 2001 Gas Cut when accelerating, sometimes, very often lately

Hello Brothers,

I love your show and benefited a lot over the years. My mechanic hates you guys as I know most of the times what would be the problem with my car.

Now, My problem is gas cut on my Elantra 2001. Here is how it happened;

Last week I filled up my tank with regular gasoline then added middle quality gas this time. I always use middle quality gas but once I made a mistake and filled with regular. Then my reliable elantra started stumble and cut gas few times in a day. What would be the problem?


Aydin, Canadianboy

PS: I have experienced this problem time to time, in the first 50 km right after when I fill up then no problemo…

If you wanted Tom & Ray then you go the wrong link. This is just a discussion board.

What you call the middle “quality” gas isn’t middle “quality” - its middle octane. And its completely irrelevant unless your car actually requires a specific octane. I doubt that the Elantra would require a high octane gas, but I don’t really know. The info is in your owner’s manual.

As to the problem, its hard to tell what you are describing. I guess its the stumble & stall? And this is most likely soon after you’ve filled up with gas? I don’t know what a “gas cut” is - are you saying that you are assuming the fuel supply is cutting out? Just because a car stalls doesn’t mean that it has lost fuel supply. You can stall one with too much fuel. Or lack of spark. Or lack of air. Or lack of compression.

Is your check engine light on?

Perhaps its just a good time to take it to a shop. If it is specifically connected to refueling then you need to stop “topping off” your tank at the gas station and have a shop check out your evaporative emissions system