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Egr piston blown?

I took my car to a mechanic to fix EGR valve so fastest non test and he told me to drive it Virgin minutes and on the way back when motor blew up is that possible

Adam , I have no idea what you are trying to say . Post year and miles on this vehicle . What did the mechanic have to say as to why it ’ blew up ’ what ever that means.


If you’re asking people for help, you need to make an effort to communicate clearly so that we don’t have to waste time trying to make sense of this.


If you have a friend, relative, or neighbor who is a native speaker of English, you should ask that person to re-post your question in standard English.

I have no idea if it is possible, I do know it is not understandable.

At least tell us the conversion rate for “Virgin minutes” to standard minutes.

If egr is stuck open, motor will stumble? Probably get a code. Will it result in lean condition? Do motor damage? Don’t know.

it probably means “told me to drive it for ten minutes” . . .

as for “motor blew up” . . . I’m not sure what that’s about